X-Post: The Pain is Real

X-Post: The Pain is Real


I thought yesterday was back to normal. When is this torture going to end?


I think its pretty much all of June unfortunately.


They’re gunna go back to Wednesday?? I thought it was permanently a Friday show now?


no, the 10pm Friday slot is awful lol, the ratings have been cut in half. AEW got pushed to Friday because NBA playoffs, once those are done we're back to Wednesday.


Rampage will be the Friday night show, Dynamite will go back to Wednesday once the NBA playoff schedule for TNT relaxes which should be after their show on the 26th


These Friday schedules have been a real slog, and it doesnt help the Friday shows have been pretty unexciting too.


No sense blowing big angles and matches when nobody is watching. Now I'm old, but Friday night I'm so beat that I don't bother starting to watch at 10 because I know I'll pass out. Would rather avoid as many spoilers as possible and enjoy Saturday afternoon after work. Which makes my morning and afternoon driving difficult since I love Busted Open.


Poor Andrade being buried before match #1. ^/s ^obviously


You can still have exciting shows with the roster they have and the freelancers they can use, instead it's a lot of thrown together six man tags and interference finishes that tell you these matches dont matter. Something like John Silver vs Rey Fenix or Fenix vs Sammy Guevara wouldn't give away a huge match but put a really great match on the card.


Agree with you on all points. I know you were just throwing out a random example, but does anyone know if Silver is still injured? I need some powerful tiny man kicks in my life.


I think he still is.


I'm actin' like it's Friday when it's really only Wednesday.....


This was me last night. :'(


:( It really sucks.


As a Suns fan, at least I had something to look forward to yesterday. As an AEW fan, I'm sorry my team took over the night this week


Yeah Fridays is actually Saturday for me in the uk so it sucks more ☹️


And because it airs on their normal broadcasting slot itv decided to broadcast on Tuesday or Wednesday


Can’t lie I get them online!😜 still fucking annoying waiting the extra days man!!


Yeah it really is, Saturday actually works so perfectly for me as well (except for when something big happens) I hope it goes back to normal


I ended up just catching up on my AEW Dark back log lol


FML =[


I hate this and i dont even have cable


This hits close to home :-(


I work Wednesday nights, so I don't get to watch it live. To avoid spoilers, I stay off the internet when I get home and watch Quantum Leap instead. Woke up this morning excited to watch it, but then it just...wasnt there.


I want my schedule back. AEW and comic book day on the same day was a great mid week break.


I kinda assumed this last night but checked anyway and found out that I didn’t watch the full episode of last week’s show which got me excited then I saw that the main even bull rope was the only match remaining and I noped out.


It was a pretty good match IMO!