Maharaja Indian in Preston. Seriously good food, and amazing prices, especially for delivery. We get a full meal delivered for like $30, meanwhile the local Chinese place is over $60. Biggest callout, and why they deserve recognition, is their charity work, they were giving out food for those in need back in 2020 when a lot of hospo staff were losing their jobs. Just a nice bunch of people really.


Their food is so good.


Dunyazad for Lebanese/Middle Eastern


Greythorn represent!


Aru Amazing food that should be in the top 100 in the world instead of Gimlet. Inventive, interesting, great venue


I would expect they’ll be on next years list, now that they’ve been open long enough. They got heaps of attention over MFWF.


My partner and I found Aru just so-so in some regards. Don’t get me wrong, food was still good (betel leaf with wagyu tongue and marrow being a highlight) and fit out by Kerstin was lovely but maybe we were expecting more for the money; for comparison, we went to Nomad a few weeks before with another couple. Ate til bursting, had a couple drinks each and spent close to the same amount for 4 of us vs 2 at Aru. And if it was a competition between breads, Nomad would beat Aru hands down.


2nd this. Best restaurant in Melbourne for casual fine dining


Seafood Pacific BBQ House on Victoria Street, Richmond. Some of the best Chinese I’ve ever had. Their lemon chicken and bbq pork are incredible


Do they have a couple of locations? I feel like I’ve been there but the one on toorak road


Their roast duck is the best in Melbourne IMHO


City BBQ in Little Burke Street used to have superb duck. Sadly they closed a few years ago. Not sure where they went, or if they set up somewhere else.


I second this one. Their Roast Duck is divine !


Might have to try them again... bought salted duck egg yolk chicken from there to disappointing results…


More of a cafe but Nicholson Coffee House has amazing Middle Eastern inspired brunches and the owners are beyond lovely. Also it’s not exactly underrated but Mama Manoush always goes hard.


It's local to somebody but the Bunyip Hotel in Cavendish. Ex head chef from Movida owns it now and it's a kickass country pub but with *incredible* food and wine list. Not snooty, really reasonably priced.


My partner and I went there a few months ago and honestly we're trying to come up with new reasons to head to western vic just so we can go there. Food is fucking fantastic, staff are super friendly, location really pretty with old school pub vibes. The place is a delight and I cant recommend highly enough


I’m glad it’s not just me. I’ll take any excuse to go there again. Come November check out the Tarrington hay bails for a laugh and just scoot on up!


Hot Wings in Williamstown. Amazing rotisserie chicken, literally the best god damn chips in the country (I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL) and good prices/fast service. What more can you ask for?


I used to walk there from school aaaaaaaaaall the time to get lunch. And when visiting friends still in the area I have to repeatedly push down the urge to just get chips and gravy for every meal.


mr ramen san. best ramen in australia. always has a line so they opened a second location just down the road.


Stop telling people up about the second location, I like not having to line up


It's really terrible, definitely don't go there people.


Especially on Tuesdays around 7pm it’s the worst


I don’t get why so many people like it. I tried it once when they just opened and didn’t like it, saw a lot of positive reviews about it, decided to try again, and the broth was still bland. Ippudo or Hakata Gensuke is way better


yeah I live in the city and frankly I'm a bit miffed at the lines, was here from the start, supported throughout lockdown, now I can't get near a seat!


Berbeo Bros. Colombian joint in Sth Melbourne- criminally underrated


Greca in Oakleigh. Great affordable Greek food in oakleigh . A must


PJs Mexican in Mitcham. Not even for the food, but the service. In an age where customer service is hardly remarkable, the guy who owns this place goes above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your time there. It’s not even anything crazy, it’s just refreshing because everyone’s grumpy elsewhere. So hats off to you, Kourosh!


Pasta Poetry in Fairfield. It's not a restaurant but they make the best fresh pasta and their sauces are divine


Pinotta, Fitzroy North. Modern Australian Italian. 12 years and still going.


Delicious House in Deer Park for Chinese! I've been going there since I was young, but it took me ages as an adult to realise I can go there whenever I want, and not just for 'special occasions'. Getting a full meal for 4 people is expensive for parents, but getting 4 people's worth of food for 2 people is pretty good when you have adult money and no kids.


Very Good Falafel in Brunswick Sydney rd. Cheap, healthy, quick, delicious.


Agree. But definitely don't think it needs more recognition.


The falafel wrap from A1 next door is cheaper, fresher, tastier, faster IMO.


Not anymore, they've recently upped their prices at A1, not sure what a falafel wrap costs but the spinach triangle is up to $5 now!


lazy moes




Authentic? Their carbonara is made with cream and bacon lol


Deleted, thanks Fuck me for participating I guess




I Love Dumplings-Mill Park- very pricey but delish. Taj on High-Epping-lovely restaurant and delish food-good value. 😋


Stuzzigato Lygon street or max in hardware lane


Michelangelo’s in Springvale Rd, Aspendale Gardens. Great food, service and amazing staff.


Always meant to go there.


Mehfil in Keysborough Pho 93 in Chelsea heights Corner hideout (cafe 4ft 11) Pies are unbelievable. Tanabe, Immi, Just Italy, Mythos, Risk, Sun Wah (should be more famous because it was mentioned on MasterChef) That's why people are not travelling into the city for a meal. The burbs have better restaurants, why bother.


The Abyssinian in Kensington is top notch for Ethiopian food. Great menu and atmosphere.


Watton Vietnamese Takeaway in Werribee. Seriously delicious food. Friendly services and such a cheap price in this economy.


The one in Toorak Road was very good. I have not been there for a while.