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The worst thing about 'conspiracy' circles is that at least 90% of its participants are there for entertainment. If they are put on the spot, in a real world scenario, they will deny everything and say that it's "just for fun". You can spot these people quite easily because they are 'stuck' in their little rabbit hole. They never dig deeper or dig with a purpose. When and if they leave their rabbit hole, it's because they milked it dry and it's no longer entertaining. These people are worse than so called 'sheep' that don't know anything.


Good thing about it being a smaller group is there's generally less crap being tossed around. Although some conspiracies never made sense so you will see some of the really bogus ones, but some that aren't even discussed by the more popular sites and are actually interesting.


I have wondered why it never got much attention or roxycast, which is basically like facebook for conspiracy theorists. What do you think? ​ https://roxycast.com/