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they are outnumbered by alot it would only take 3 percent of the worlds population to defeat them


They are outnumbered yes, but they have millions of mindless drones at their disposal


its more like they have to be infiltrated from within i know globalist puppets personally they are usually broke and indebted and cannot afford to be unemployed for a week because they live in the moment (which is expensive) but only make normal wages


Let it burn man. The best way we can defeat them is to let it all play out, and when civilization collapses in 2040 (like MIT said it will, and like an independent study confirmed this year we are on track for) everyone go back to being self sufficient. Plant a garden, save the seeds for more plants. Hunt and fish for your meat. Learn basic survival skills and old medicine, and when society collapses homestead a piece of land and defend it from anyone who would take it from you. The best plan is to check out from their world and start being independent. They can't profit off the backs of people who don't take part in their agenda.


Yes.... Always wash my face before my ass.


If anyone did, they wouldn't post it to a public website that is monitored by feds. J/s *shrug*


Get rid of global trade, that will surely make us all richer and stop inflation!!!


Bankrupt them. Greedy bastards do greedy bastard things use their greed to rob them blind. Get them on the wrong side of a system crashing asymmetric bet. Eat popcorn and play games until their house of cards burns to the ground


Opt out of society. Grow your own food and learn to be self sufficient.


I agree with this. The key to success is less dependence on TPTB, and more emphasis on self sustainability and a strong community where you are. 💪


Ya’ll would be surprised how easy it is to grow seeds in soil. Basically, don’t plant seeds if it still gets cold at night. Water them when the sun come up or when the sun comes down. Never is the middle of the because you can shock the plant and kill it. Sit back and be amazed.


Oil? Like vegetable oil?


I think we’re fucked. They infiltrated every level of the people who are meant to protect us. They’ve indoctrinated the people we love and have flexed their might with the election fraud. There’s no winning. Best we can do is try to be self sufficient and stop feeding money into their stock game. Buy local and be prepared.


We are screwed, I'm afraid


Says who? Who wrote that down?


it's my opinion


"Says who?" As if you need to be told what to think by someone else?


>A rush and a push and this land >That we stand on is ours >It has been before >And it shall be again [The Smiths, 1986]


Don't mention love....


Honestly, trying to wake people up here is impossible. I think the only change we have is working on our spirit. If we can take control in the astral realm and lucid dreaming we can visit our loved ones in their dreams. It will actually mean something and could potentially change their views on this life. Any one can do it, it just takes work and patience


Start locally, join mutual aid groups in your city, push for unionization of the chain stores suckibg your community dry, connect with other unified groups and work towards a collective power that can stand against the owning class.


Memes and jokes at their expense will defeat them


I’m afraid that’s not enough




Memes and jokes aside, what are you willing to loss for it? Your family? Your job? Your money? You confort? When you have something, its hard to fight for a so called better future , but when you have nothing, it’s easy to fight for something better.


Buy xrp.