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SLOBS is like the iphone of streaming tools. It requires less knowledge to set up but it also has less customization and often uses more resources. OBS is like Android. You have far more options for customization but it also means that it is possible to really break it. It requires more knowledge if you want to customize well. Note that I am not saying that either are better or worse. Know yourself and know how much you will be willing to learn. If you want to just click and go, SLOBS is better for you. If you are going to watch other streams and say "I want to do that or I want to try adding this thing" you should probably go with OBS.




I've seen a lot of complaints about SLOBS being less stable and dropping peoples' configurations. Might be worth the extra investment to learn OBS and get things configured so you can leave it alone and focus on streaming.


If you're a beginner and want a plug and play solution, do SLOBS. If you want more customization and efficiency and control, go OBS. I started with SLOBS and switched to OBS as I grew and learned more about scenes, transitions, and plugins. It also decreased my CPU usage. It really depends what you want to do and your goals. Both are good software solutions.


Was is easy to port your scenes from SLOBS to OBS?


You can look up the process on Youtube but it takes just a few clicks and about 5 minutes.


Nice, thanks! Started on OBS years ago but when I came back to streaming it was shoving SLOBS in my face so i just figured that was the new OBS.


Nope, SLOBS (IMO) is a horrible piece of software and I would urge anybody and everybody to use OBS Studio instead.


Yeah, it's not too bad. I swapped over from SLOBS to OBS recently and had no issues importing my scenes.


Someone answered but yes. It gets saved as a template and you can load it in.


Use OBS Studio. SLOBS is inefficient bloatware with more crap you don't need built into it than Microsoft Edge.


I have used both. SLOBS is a quick drag and drop fix to start streaming, but really stresses your system resources. Some useful features are locked behind a "prime" subscription that used to be free. (Like multi-platform streaming). OBS studio has better performance and all the bells and whistles you need. Even flashier things you can do to your stream. It is very intuitive as well without having things locked behind a "prime" service. I encourage everyone to take the 10 minutes to watch a guide on how to setup obs studio. If you're feeling frisky, take 30 minutes to watch a setup and advanced features guide video. There's so much more customization you can do with obs studio that it absolutely embarasses slobs.


Performance: OBS Better in general: OBS I combine this with alerts and chat boxes by streamlabs (browser source)


I'm lazy and I've been using the twitch studio beta. Very set and forget and easy to use to get going immediately


I’ve been using the same and I love it. Honestly I’m not sure I’ll ever change it


it is so ridiculously easy to use and I love it. I don't feel a need to change either!


OBS, has far better plugin support. Then use Stream Elements for the web hosted custom overlays. (I have themed overlays for holidays.) You’ll be glad you used OBS.


I started with SLOBS and found that my cpu usage was around 30 to 40% most of the time because of all the bloat in it. Switched to obs and obs. Live and my cpu usage is less than 3%. Huge difference. The learning curve of obs is well worth


OBS with OBS.Live plug-in SLOBS is great for beginners but has a ton of limitations and uses up more of your CPU


Personally I use OBS. It's better if you have a low end pc, has more settings to fine tune and you have more control over-all. However, you need more expirence with OBS software to use it successfully. Stream Labs OBS is still great too, perfect for those who are just starting to stream. It looks great and is incredibly easy to use. The only issue is that Stream Labs OBS doesn't work as well with low end pc's and has a possibility of lagging out your stream.


Personally, I used SLOBS when I started for almost a year but I did notice it was too heavy for my system while streaming games. ( I really just have a budget build). Then I decided to give OBS a try and so far everything is so smooth and nice! It requires a little bit more effort to learn it and build your preferences but I think it is worth trying it!