and she turns on a dime from "let's be friends" to "maybe your children will be murdered if you don't to what I want"... I had to lol when Navarro said that he was disappointed by her..


Then Wendy and Marty say as long as we’re safe your kids are safe? Is he going to be extradited to Mexico? And Omar is disappointed? —-but they were getting him out. What’s the problem?


Because of the way things went down, he is disappointed they trusted maya most likely.


Yeah I mean they never really flipped her so to speak.


I just don’t understand how she isn’t in a world of shit from her superiors, or murdered by now


Well she will be in part 2 lol


She should have won the Emmy for S3 already,I hope this is her time.


She needs an Emmy!!


Laura did an incredible job making me loathe her character lol. She's a total sociopath. I'm surprised there isn't much Wendy hate on here tbh. She's sickening. Every time she starts yelling I wanted to break my screen lmfao.


The way she sweet talks people with that shitty fake ass grin. Ugh


That “Karen talking to the manager” tone lol


Laura Linney is probably the best actress to play the worst person. The way she talked to Navarro gave me a John Lennon Yoko Ono Chuck Berry vibe. She immediately came out the side of her neck telling Navarro no while her husband rolled his eyes "stfu!"


Wendy is a land shark; she keeps moving forward, devouring everything in her wake. She could also be the Terminator. Things blow up around, burn her while she walks through the fire with her skill falling off and keeps moving forward, or as Wendy says, "you die." Yes, Wendy will cut you loose when you've served a purpose or cross her. When she tells Marty, "We can't lose," she means, "I can't lose." I am curious, though, why everyone hates Wendy more than they hate Marty because they wouldn't be in this mess if Marty hadn't started laundering money in the first place.


Wendy started enjoying it.


The progression is amazing. An obvious comparison but it felt like breaking bad, where at some point you just drop rooting for the protagonist and realise holy shit they’re evil. How did the lawyer put it? “Charm offensive” haha


She sucks to be honest. Kinda hate her, the actress is killing it.