According to sean darcy on back chat, mundy was a bit tight when it came to coffee shouts, so im guessing the fellas want a decent shout before he finishes up


Wonder if it's more that the fines master is out of contract and has become a doubled edged sword in that he brings good culture, and the bad when it's not working for him.


I'm sure it has something to do with this. https://www.therestump.com/post/bark-starting-to-bite?fbclid=IwAR2u9SF0Zq4uT2WRlipUHdk\_zfOCWkYB9C8gzAaKOVSd9NIDyTKTtGnYWiM


What a burn. Well written too.


I reached out to the big dog Ryan Daniels and he thinks it's more relating to Contractual issues of some players. It could be causing animosity amongst the group?


Why would other players contracts cause issues with each-other?


Who said there were issues with eachother? Contract issues can be personal issues


Interesting wording to say the least Only things I could think of where any players would have any kind of discontent would be Lobb getting grumpy about wanting to leave and not knowing if we will grant his request, Acres geting grumpy due to his lowball contract offer, Swags getting grumpy because we are pursuing Jackson, or guys like Hammer/Blakely/Tucker/Wilson getting grumpy because they want to be in the 22


Logue As well!


Good point


It sounded like he misspoke and didn’t quite say what he wanted to say properly, hopefully anyway. I think maybe he meant he didn’t want the team to let emotions come to far in as distractions. Even if players are wanting to leave or get new contracts I would imagine on game day everyone out there is still wanting to win a premiership and would give as much as they can.


>It sounded like he misspoke and didn’t quite say what he wanted to say properly, hopefully anyway Haven't watched the video but wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. JL doesn't normally seem too comfortable in front of the media so possibly just misspoke.


If we aren’t together as a group be prepared for a derby loss and all the shit that goes with it. FFS get your shit together. You’ve accomplished nothing so far!


Whatever way you cut it, this is a massive concern. A team that’s on the precipice of a contending window, and now the senior coach is openly admitting to not attempting a fight back against Melbourne (forgive the paraphrasing, but it was words to the effect of “we wanted to practice wet weather footy in the last”) as well as a rift. Assuming best case scenario this is a shot at Lobb, who every man and their dog knows wants out. Even so, our best forward output wise this year should absolutely not be subject to digs from the senior coach, regardless of his contract status. You motivate him to play, not call him out in the media. As for what else it could be, well as others have pointed out Acres could be cross at his first offer, and Darcy could be shitty at the constant Jackson talk. What about Meek and Logue respectively. I hope this is me panic spiralling, but this has all the hallmarks of a 2021 end of season collapse.


That is very very strange wording


Seems like infighting perhaps? Hopefully just misspoke but geez would explain the poor form the last few weeks.


I wonder who it is referring too? Lobb leaving /Griff not wanting to resign ? I have noticed the players haven’t been getting around each other as much as early in the season.


can't understand what's going on there. weird thing to say unless there were some personal issues going on somewhere in the club, who knows about what though....?


He looks so awkward standing up here and with that camera angle and distance. Give the man a seat and better shot.