I think you need two of the base melees? I did everything first then the melees and it gave me Damascus progressively based on when they were released in the game.


You need to get every gun gold. They update the requirements each season now.


So does that mean for all the other classes I’ll have to get them gold ? I have everything but smg and shotguns platinum


Yes- for platinum, you’ll have to get everything in a category gold, and for damascus, you have to get everything gold, including melee and launchers. Be sure to check your melee weapons- they moved a lot of them out of the base melee category a couple seasons ago, so you have to level up and grind them, too. It’s not clear if the new guns for this season and last season are included- the damascus requirements don’t seem to change right at the beginning of the season, but they are updated about once per season.