It's lame. I hate it. Makes me feel like I'm at an NBL game


I could barely hear the music over the crowd in the second half. I don’t reckon it was that bad after the first quarter


I was starting to question if it was only me. I can barely remember hearing music


Yeah being at the ground I have almost no memory of the music. There was a lions roar after our goals but that was short and worked well I thought


The trusty toilet flush


They only played music after demons goals


That's why he couldn't remember it in the second half




The Lions roar bothers me more tbh. It baffles me that in the finals home games lose all of their atmosphere from the home & away season. You would never see Brisbane stuff being played over the PA during the regular season. Kind of ruins the whole vibe of getting a home final IMO


That's because only the home team got music and we'll Dees didn't do alot of scoring.


That’s because melbourne stopped scoring lmao


That was because of the one sided crowd


I don’t mind it just let the crowd react first. Think they do it well at the Gabba. I think they do it perfect especially with the song choices from the players are pretty fun and you can sing along to them. But this is just another effort than Americanise our sport for no reason.


I love how you can see that Charlie Cameron sings sometimes after a goal


Country roads is a banger


But WHY is it Charlie’s favourite song?


He's a country boy.


It’s the Americanisation that bothers me the most. We aren’t yanks and don’t want to be. Leave our game alone.


American here. I agree with you. It sucks.


The AFL big whigs would love us to be like an American sport. They keep going up to watch NBA and NFL and being wowed - very grim.


And WWE lol


Not wowed by the sport - wowed by the money


And WWE lol


Adopting equalisation measures like the salary cap and drafts from American sports has worked pretty well though (I'm pretty sure that's where the AFL took influence?), so it's not all bad.


The cultural aspects can fuck off. The administrative aspects, pick and choose what works.


They don't have as much betting advertising within games and signage either.


Yeah parts of our culture are equally indoctrinational bullshit.


Thats due to having less legalised online gambling but this is changing. Colorado has legalised it and Pointsbet now sponsors teams based there. Logo plastered all over the stadium etc. Last year watching Nuggets games you'd see something pop up like, "Nikola Jokic has scored 22 points, if you took the over at 21.5, you would have won". It's creeping in, and as there is more legalisation, it will look more and more like our shithole situation.


I enjoy every player having a song at the Gabba and it works well. The one issue is that it only stops five seconds before the centre bounce and it’s really hard to get any chants started.


That's the biggest drawback in my opinion. When the music finally cuts out, the 'BRISBANE' or 'LIONS' chant starts up. Then the ball is bounced 2 seconds later and people are too invested in watching the centre clearance to keep the chant going.


Honestly the songs themselves have almost become chants which is kinda cool. Plenty of chants still as the game is being played


Nope, the music at the 2020 grand final was fucking terrible.


The GABBA music is diabolical.


You mean the player-chosen songs for Lions goals, or the generic music for the other team? I do wonder if Brisbane players are told to choose something 'family friendly'. Hence why you get the Frozen soundtrack rather than blasting death metal or rapping about hookers. Zorko used Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme a few weeks ago, which was pretty funny.


To be fair the frozen track is a troll. He previously had “oops I did it again” for the same reason.


It bothers me it's not obvious to people...


It just occurred to me that he has a daughter now though, so there’s likely lots of “let it go” in his future. (Thankfully mine prefers Encanto!!)


I mean Joe is a giant troll, it really should be easy


it's literally a dubstep remix


It’s embarrassing.


To who?


I find the Brisbane games so cringey. The terrible music and the cheap player videos after each goal. Country Road might be a good song but hardly a song that should be played at a sporting event. Puts you to sleep. The whole experience is just weird. The crowd noise is enough to pump everyone up after a goal.


Disagree 100%, the songs work at the Gabba. Nothing better in a close game than Charlie kicking a goal and the entire crowd belting out country roads. Far from boring. Unless you’re an opposition supporter that is. EDIT: Dug through your history and yep, Richmond supporter. No wonder you hate it, reminds you of a bad time lol.


Can confirm. Love belting out country road when Lions/Charlie is firing!


Linc's is Jessie's Girl, Bez's is Thunderstruck, more classics


Haha definitely not because I’m a Richmond supporter. We normally belt Brisbane at the Gabba so I have mostly good memories there. Singing Country Road after a goal is on the same cringe level as Port Adelaide’s “Never Tear Us Apart” pregame abomination. If your going to go down the American path of sports entertainment at least spend some money and do it properly. Brisbane post goal videos look like they were shot in the change rooms after a weekday training session. The bastardisation of the culture of our game to widen its appeal is an embarrassment.


Flair up


I find it when they play the songs at the Gabba it’s just short of an NHL goal. In the nhl, They score, the goal horn goes off (5-10 seconds) THEN a song plays (most teams only play one specific song, like Chelsea Dagger) So if they decide to wait like 10 seconds or so before playing music, by all means that’s worth it. Let the crowd celebrate before starting to play songs before the next bounce


I liked when I went to the Gabba, was pretty cute. plus the crowd was pretty quiet that day


It took a while for it to be good at the Gabba. I remember some games where the music would come on instantly and way too loud.


It’s utter crap. You know what the entertaining thing is? The game. The effing game. Not the bullshit around it. Not whatever slightly washed up act the AFL books for the GF. Not the lights flashing to signal to twits watching that it might be a significant moment. Not some twat with a mic basically telling me I’m having a good time. It’s all just irredeemably naff and another example of the AFL not understanding the worth and virtues of their product, and the flaws in what they do. It’s this sort of garbage that gets the Gold Coast a team before Tassie.


Bang on, amen!


If you’re gonna play music after a goal have the players pick their goal song like Brisbane at the Gabba. Country Roads playing when Charlie Cameron gets a goal is fun as fuck


Eagles do that too. Hearing the Vengabus 8 times in Kennedy’s last game was the most enjoyment I’ve ever gotten out of that song.


Hahaha that would be great.


Our song choices hype us up. So does joe Daniher’s let it go


I agree, but what I’m learning by reading through this thread is that fun is not allowed, and not to be encouraged. Well, some fun is allowed - just not your fun. The AFL should conduct a fun related survey exclusively among people who bring AM radios to games, and then we can all have fun accordingly.


Or that some people just don't find it fun, and actually find chanting by the team that scored a goal to be more fun? You sound like you're advocating for difference of opinion as long as it agrees with your opinion.


Not to let the truth get in the way of a great accusation, but I never said anything about the people who don't like it not sharing their opinions. My point, which was largely a joke... was more about me being a little surprised by how many people who think it's *really* bad. Bad enough to use words like embarrassment, or disgraceful. Bad enough to imply it ruins the game for them. I don't have any issue with people holding that opinion, but personally I would absolutely advocate strongly against those opinions driving decisions, and advocate strongly for opinions that are more tolerant of new things. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.


Settle down with your logic and reasoning! Someone who hates fun would be mad at you if they could read.


Haha, they definitely do anyway... lot of salty sausages in here.


Dunno, fuck is pretty fun.


How is it fun? It puts you to sleep


I remember going to the SCG when Eddleston owned the Swans and they would play some terrible “show it to ‘em Sydney” crap song every time they kicked a goal. Having said that, there wasn’t much crowd to make noise but it turned me off the Swans for life even tho I am NSWelshman. It was just so fake and commercialised.


fAn EnGaGeMeNt


I don't know if you watch much BBL but the amount of garbage noise coming through the speakers between every delivery is nuts. At the Gabba, you have some dude intermittently screaming "HEEEEYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOHHHHHOOOO", a media girl yelling about some promotion that is incomprehensible through the distortion of the PA system... The music is probably the *least* offensive part of the experience. Hopefully the AFL never gets bastardised that badly.


I kinda get why they do it with the cricket, there's a lot of downtime between bursts of action footy has constant motion, you get 45 seconds between goals to breathe then back into it, we don't need any of the extra bullshit the gabba playing songs after goals is great, and for me it's also the limit


The BBL is trying its hardest to ‘entertain’ kids and people who find cricket boring. I love T20 cricket, but the BBL has gotten really childish, especially since the ‘mods’ they added a few years ago


It's a Zooper Dooper made sentient


I went to a bbl match once and realised that it was so heavily geared towards children that I’ll never go back. Music between every ball, PA doing that eyyyy-yooo thing, inflatable clappers handed out to everyone. Maybe the most obnoxious sporting event I’ve ever been to.


If you're in the top level it's so loud you can barely hear yourself talk. Get rid of it.


Was like this last time I was at the SCG. Too loud to talk to the person next to you after the goal. Very annoying.


That’s not even the real problem. What about all those young whippersnappers running on the lawn for hours?!!! Kids these days!!!!


Haha Why are Aussie subreddits the most "old man shakes first at cloud"?


Because while we like to think of ourselves as fun loving larrikins, most Aussies are miserable as shit


I've always seen us as miserable pieces of shit but also fun loving larrikins.


The flashing lights are even worse.


Last week in The Pies v Cats game there were a few times where there was music played after a goal (it was super random when it actually played). Just let the crowd make noise, I wanna hear the crowd chant, not some shitty rock song.


i think it was only after geelong goals, it really messed with the atmosphere


Pretty sure its played in every Cats game, its stuck in my head. > There goes my hero >Watch him as he goes


They often play the didgeridoo after Geelong goals which is interesting


This has major Grandpa Simpson vibes to it.


"I am not a crackpot"


AFL ‘purist’ 🤝 Boomers afraid of change.


Are you talking about the rules or AFLX


Correct - AFLX is unquestionably and indisputably the purest form of Footy


Ok tiktok




Generational insults are awesome and helpful.


Good chance this joke wasn’t aimed at you bro, there’s no need to be upset.


I’m not upset. I just think generations hanging shit on each other is a bit overplayed these days.


I think it’s fine. It’s *usually* in good faith, Gen z are shitting on my generation hard at the moment and it’s funny as fuck.


I dunno, I’d say “good faith” boomer jokes are the exception in the the Great Internet Wars of the 21st century. Every generation is basically the same anyway. Everyone grows up thinking they’re the coolest and grandpa is an idiot, then they become grandpa and some kid calls them an idiot. Anyway I ultimately don’t give a shit because I’m Gen X and nobody has even heard about us.


> Anyway I ultimately don’t give a shit because I’m Gen X and nobody has even heard about us. Even more reason for you not to be upset about jokes at boomers’ expense. No one likes the joke police.


But everyone likes that shitty music after the goals, and those that don’t are just a bunch of change-fearing boomers. Righto.


You’re reaching, it’s a lighthearted joke about someone calling music playing after goals a **disgrace** and you’re out here defending the honour of a boomer strawman. Give it a break joke cop.


“Old man yells at cloud”


Only works well in the Gabba where the players choose the songs and even then I still don't like it.


ACDC isn't too bad, played after the Dockers kick a goal. Both Freo icons. Freo faithful, froth it!


At the Brisbane game in Perth they went with "Put Your Hands Up In The Air" (I think it was due to it being a marquee game of some sort?) It went from being fun, to depressing (as we started to lose) and then back to fun again (when I had lost all hope)


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Learn grammar, bot


Fail bot


Australian football fans and being miserable as fuck. Name a more iconic duo.


Is it really “miserable” to want that stupid American stuff out of the game?


I hate it


It was fucking terrible, was half the reason i was going for brisbane in the second half so we didnt have to hear some shitty music every time. Good games and good goals carry themselves, the energy rides in between the break, and the music just fucking kills it. Pickett’s goal where he was being tackled to the ground for example, the music killed the crowd vibe almost straight away


Yeah I hate the idea of playing music between goals. My biggest issue is that it's the only time during quarters you can talk to your mates about the game. I understand that for some people that's a non-event, but allowing people to spend 60 seconds talking to each other every so often is not a big deal in my eyes. The other issue I have is that music is very much personal taste. I know a lot of people don't take much interest in music and will happily bop along to the radio stations playing the same top 40 hits of the last 45-50 years day after day, year after year. My partner is such a person and that's fine. However, those people *would* care if the music was something they think is "bad" (not pop-y) like metal or gangsta rap or some avant garde experimental stuff. Then they would suddenly be up in arms about how it was ruining the footy. Personally I have no interest in having someone else's taste in music blasted at me when I could be talking to my mates about the game instead. And I have no interest in having my taste in music blasted at everyone else when they could be doing the same.


Nailed it


Great point about taste. Was thinking the same thing as Black Eyed Peas came at me last night.


The dees have done it a few times this year


That's what turned me off basketball and ice hockey - if the game's good you don't need it.


This is an insane take. Have you been to a FIBA game where they don’t allow music? No atmosphere at all as the point guard slowly walks the ball up the court in silence. There’s also nothing better in ice hockey than the horn going off after a goal and a song comes on. It’s a great atmosphere.


Also, the idea of music playing during a game completely turning you off a sport is fucking insane lmao


You're 100% on the money. There is nothing better atmospherically than the goal horn and team goal song in hockey.


Yeah, that's why I like the music etc. in American baseball. The game's too boring otherwise!


If they tried this in the Premier League the fans would tear down the stadium


It is actually a common practice in the English leagues to play music after a goal (the premier league is known in europe for having weak fan culture) You’re better off using the German/Dutch leagues as a show for how the fans react (but even the German clubs play a small Clip of music after goals)


I was there, and it sounds ridiculous but it totally gave Brisbane the upper hand. Hearing their supporters lose their minds instead of music helped swing the momentum for sure


Yeah that’s what I wondered too. We just got the usual post goal roar and crowd noise, I loved it. But I also didn’t mind the music either, as long as it doesn’t drown out the crowd noise (which I don’t remember it doing? When we played St Kilda at Marvel it seemed far more obvious but maybe that’s just me)


No one likes it no one.


Except every Brisbane supporter in this thread it seems.


Yeah who would've thought a supporter base largely based in Queensland had shithouse taste?


It’s ten times worse at the big bash. After every ball they blast the music


The big bash is absolutely not where we should set the benchmark.




Happens in the NRL to, even a 10 second stoppage triggers some music


Bloody love our Indigenous remix of Thunderstruck that plays after our goals.


Bill Burr did a rant on music being constantly played during NBA matches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Gqrptj0Pc




I hate that music snip rubbish imported from dumb baseball.


But other sports do it so we must too!


Even at the Gabba it’s shit… it shuts down the crowd after a goal. Sure the players have their songs, but I think it kills the atmosphere of the actual game


They will have flame bursts and cheerleaders like the NRL next.


Swans pulled out the flame bursts a couple of times this year, maybe it's a Sydney thing


They also had cheerleaders back in the Dr. Edelston days. The Big Bash trampolinists take the award for gratuitous, non-game related hype.


Brisbane ran out onto the mcg with flames last night. Tacky as hell


Both teams had the flames going with the fireworks, what are you talking about ?


Then that's twice as tacky. Nothing I said was inaccurate, just incomplete


Who cares? Jesus people get their jocks twisted up over the most mundane stuff. Helps give the game a different feeling to the regular season.


So does the national anthem, larger crowd, and stress of being kicked out. It's just annoyingly smokey, looks tacky, makes it harder to see the players as they run out, less view of the banner. Sure, it's meaningless in the context of things, but it just looks stupid


YUP. If your game sucks or you are taking a very patronising approach to engaging younger fans, you need fireworks and pretty ladies.


Melbourne seems to do it heaps too.


I went to swans v demons last week at the G. First love game in 7 years. We got fucking ads played on the big screen at half time! WTF! Surely it's the one benefit of going to the game is not hearing from bet.com about the fucking odds!


Ads on the screen have been around for a very long time. I can still remember seeing the trailer for Spider Man and launch ads for Vanilla Coke at the MCG like 20 years ago


Ever since they had the screen in 1982 they’ve had adverts running during the quarters. Used to be Carlton beer ads


Gill has embraced sports betting into every facet of the game. I just hope one day he reflects on the damage he contributed to, he needs to understand this.


This one falls firmly in the “who cares” basket.


Who gives a shit? Seriously, people find anything to complain about.




America bad


Imagine watching 5 cracking finals in as many games and making a boomer ass tweet about playing music that @'s the MCG so the social media team for a stadium can fix it


Probably the first game OP has been to in a while. This stuff has pretty much become the norm..


I like it


Old man yells at cloud


Meh. It’s a non-issue. I’d prefer they get the umpiring right. Players just walk the ball out or just submit to a challenge and cuddle over the line. Absolutely no intent and it’s just play on. Holding the ball is a pretty hard one to call as well. Often players have no prior (like May in the last quarter last night), or don’t really have control (Lever at the end). I will concede that Lever did place the ball on the ground.


Unfortunately for you Lerner, your opinion is wrong


classic AFL fan whinging


its a DISGRACE and an EMBARRASSMENT and makes me want to SPEW.


Lol what crowd noise


Oh cry more


Ronny Lerner is a turd


They played Let it Go after a goal last week. Like what are we all four years olds dressed as Frozen characters. Get rid of it. Edit: It’s not some toxic masculinity “this is a girl’s song” thing, but we’re adults at a football game give me a fucking break.


Let it go mate.


We do it at the Gabba and it's amazing. The vibe. It gets the crowd interaction going and the players really get into it too!


Isn't it the Dee's choice?


I think Melbourne were desperate to get the crowd involved last night but our team gives us nothing because we play safe predictable boring football. Brisbane fans got way louder than us in the second half because they were taking the game on and playing with dare.


I think goal songs are fun.


Anything by Craig McLachlan works for me


Everyone softly clapping


Really not a lot of crowd noise worth listening to though. My brother got kicked out of the MCG for screaming racial slurs. He’s a total asshole but this is why we can’t have nice things. Fuck your crowd noise.


It does happen at the grand final and is fucked up.


Boring take


I like it


100% agree. I don't care if it's grumpy old man territory but it fucking sucks. It was especially weird that when Freo kicked a goal they would just play about 4 seconds of Thunderstruck and that's it. I hate how they blast music but I get what they're trying to do. That was just pointless though.


Fuck they're not are they?!




i was at that game and the one for freyo collingwood its ridiculous and i wish they stop it


I like it killjoy


I like the music to be honest. Like when the Eagles games dont have music it's so awkward. The bird just goes SCRAW Freo games everyone yells thun**der** Half the time the dockers supporters find out we have a goal through the music cause we will cheer and then the refs call a review and then we feel awkward. The refs call a review so many times like one time they called a review to see if it hit the post, I could literally see it didn't hit the post and I was close enough to the goal that if it had I could hear it


I like it if it’s the players song choice.