I feel like the AFL should overreact to this and make the goal posts taller, wayyy taller, like pose a threat to flight safety tall


The circumference of the earths atmosphere is much larger than the circumference of the earths surface, so it is unreasonable for goal posts to have a constant diameter along their height. We must make the goal posts thicker as they grow so as not to unfairly advantage players capable of kicking the ball above post height.


This is not hypothetical. Lynch had a 3 metre goal kick and sent the ball about 20 metres into the air. Possibly trying to evade ground based detection systems.


Couldn't believe he didnt just left foot snap it.


Couldn’t believe he was more worried about kicking the cover off it rather than just kicking it between the posts.


Actually only a couple hundred kms in difference! The more you know.


Flat Earthers in shambles.


Can't forget to have a slight lean on the goal posts on North-South facing grounds to counter the coriolis effect. We can't have rotation of the earth unfairly advantaging one team.


I say point lasers to the sky from the top of the posts. Ball gets lit up green it means it's a behind 🤣


I have been wondering for a while now, how long until they make an electronic boundary with sensors for the boundary line and goal posts. Honestly with the technology we have in 2022 it's not a crazy thing to think is it? Lasers pointing straight above the posts would be such an easy way to solve the problem.


Have the goal posts at Marvel attach to the roof. Edit: All other stadiums need to have the goal posts extend into space and extra income can be generated using them as space elevators.


No laser that will instantly blow the ball up … 💥


This comment was written Sherrin trying to get their ball sales up.


This is the ONLY possible answer!


I’m thinking so too. Probably waste a couple of balls a season. But when it happens wouldn’t it be exciting. POP. AFL could do a bit of a side thing to make more money where people could pay for the balls to be filled with coloured confetti as well. the possible chance that your baby reveal could happen at the game.


We can call them "prison bars" and watch r/AFL have a fight over which games they're allowed to be used at.


That doesn't make any sense


When the roof's closed do we get a comically small playing field?


If we're going crazy: If the ball hits the post it's play on and wherever it goes counts. Because of this, over the top of the post is play on, and due to it not being a goal or behind, is out on the full. Imagine the goal crumbs from posters


Honestly I love this. Turns G.Post into more of a rebounding defender


Wasn't this an actual old rule?


They trialled it in the preseason once


And resulted in an awesome Daniel Jackson goal from Richo hitting the post.


Was it like an alley-oop?


Surely as a st Kilda fan you see enough out on the fulls as it is 😅🤣


they should just put lasers around the circumference of the top of the goal posts- would look sick, and would be easy to tell if the ball passes through the line of the post.


Do away with posts completely and replace with lasers at ground level. Safer too.


Would Dane Rampe cover the laser while the opposition has a shot at goal?


Harry Taylor has a mirror in his sock


Leigh Matthews snaps the laser emitter in half




Good point. I propose light sabres instead of lasers, to head off this sort of skullduggery


If a goal post laser is covered, the behind post laser would become a goal post, i.e. what was a behind would now be a goal. If all four lasers on one end are covered, all of the boundary except for the opposite end goals would be a goal. So the new objective of the game is to cover the right lasers


Lasers from above (drones, satellites, whatever is required) might be the answer


But the lasers are capable of cutting through steel


Never forget


We should also introduce sharks with laser beams


Would make a great episode of air crash investigations.


And they could either be light sensor lasers or just weaponised lasers. If the ball is exploded by the lasers, it confirms it's a point


i reckon a go pro would be cheaper and meets the bush-league shtick the AFL likes.


Lasers are always the answer.


Even better. Just have the posts be a beam of light from the ground up. Once the beam of light is broken then you know it hit the post and is therefore. A behind.


Or a player/umpire hit the post


oh my god fukn stop please!


AFL: We're going to introduce a crossbar which works well in other sports and countries


Like... [Space Elevator](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_elevator) tall? I know a guy...


Make em lasers that just go directly up. Still a flight risk without the logistics of massively tall posts.


They’d need to put those red flashing lights on top for the planes.


Just drop them down from the roof at Marvel.


Sensors in the ball and posts would likely fix this (similar to goal line tech in soccer).


Keep the ball on the call a little longer, we haven't finished triangulating its position.




What if there was a second kicker? That would explain the angle.


Were all the spare balls accounted for at that time?


And were any deflated? I knew Tom Brady would have something to do with this.


Camera on top of each goal post pointing straight up. We can call it the Dimma vision


A laser beam that disintegrates the ball when it crosses. That way we know if it would hit the post and if you make it red, you have a point of reference for which side of the laser beam it passes.


Seriously though. I’m pretty sure we could get this prototyped by the end of the weekend.


I assume the goal posts are hollow. Pull them down, put a laser/light in the top, run a cable down to the bottom to turn on/off. Done. Problem solved (except for the exploding ball).


Maybe the poles could massive cactus... Ball strikes leave spikes hanging off of it


It’s so simple


This is some second shooter on the grassy knoll shit


Mrs Cumberland and Principal Miller were in the closet making Riolis and I saw one of Riolis and the Rioli looked at me.


*The Rioli looked at you?!?*


Bless this sub


Bless peak Simpsons


back and to the left


There had to be a second spitter!




I saw Dayne Zorko in the Texas Book Depository in November 1963 OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE


The ARC has the Zapruder film


The second spitter (The magic loogie reconstructed)


nice game pretty boy


What am I actually looking at?


The left image shows (more or less) what ARC could see. The right image shows an example of how it looks if the ball was not over the post - at least one of the three angles would show this. From the angles available, there is no way to position the ball without this being the case (bearing in mind that the image is not to scale). Based on the footage available, ARC was able to make a conclusive call on the position of the ball over the post.




What? In the right picture, the ball would appear to the right of the post from Camera 3, not above it. This is exactly the point.


No, it would appear over the post from camera 1 and 2 but to the right of the post from camera 3.




The image you posted only has two views




Yeah I see it a bit better now thanks


How? The only ball that appears above the post from both povs in that image is the one that's on the post.




The ball immediately behind the post in that diagram would not appear "above the post" from either pov, it's to the left from the left and to the right from the right. Sure there is some wiggle room because the camera's are shit/blurry, but the fundamental principle is sound. If we can say "it's above the post" from both angles then it's above the post in 3D. The only question is "is it above the post", not "what does it mean if it is".


Not at all the pics showed left right and middle suggesting the ball was behind the post


OP is a native American and they tie the goal posts together at the top like a teepee. The ball would have landed in the tee pee juncture and been called a behind. Case closed.


Can you confirm if any scalping would have taken place?


Just Mrs Hardwick


A conclusive goal review obviously, the cameras are even numbered


I thought the lines referred to Cam Zurhaar, Cam Gutherie and Cam Rayner?


Pfft this guy. Cam Rayner didn't even play last night /s


[This level of crazy](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/022/524/tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1_1280.jpg)


How many 'presumably Richmond' people are genuinely salty about this?


I’m not. I think Lynch should’ve kicked the ball through the bloody sticks and not over them.


Based and correct I don’t mind a supporter using two eyes


Any reasonable Richmond supporter likely accepts that the right call was made in the end, even though the method that got there was dubious. I don't agree that the vision was conclusive, which means I think it should have gone back to umpire's call. But just like we should have technically had a 50m penalty after the siren in the Sydney game the decision that was made in the end was the one that should have been made. I'm more disappointed that we had 4 players that let a ball drop out the back in the goalsquare with a minute to go rather than kill the ball through.


Lol. The method was the complete opposite of dubious. If you think the vision wasn’t conclusive I’d take the week off to get your eyes checked and spend some more time watching the replay. Ridiculous.


Flair up cunt




He's asking you to declare your allegiance. Flair up cunt.


Yes I got that infantilism. The stripes vs the polka dots etc.


Your genius and wit may be more limited than you realise. Flair up cunt.


https://ibb.co/F5PJbWX From the other thread, as pointed out perhaps the third image was not in sync but from the perspective of someone sitting at home I wouldn't call that conclusive.. Edit: I agree it probably was a point but that image doesn't really show it 'conclusively' haha


Here. Take it 🧂


Lol. If you had half a brain you’d find it quite tedious to see half-wits continue to claim the vision was inconclusive when it’s been clearly explained for the simpletons out there how the world works. But no. Stay dumb I guess.


None that I’ve talked to. Lynch should have nailed it, and he obviously knew he didn’t - hence his reaction. Great game to watch, but we have moved on. Go freo!


Welcome to the Flagmantle Bandwagon!


My emotions went. "You idiot you missed". "Wait they called it a goal what the hell". "Well thats wrong but it will stand because they surely cannot over turn it on that vision". "What the hey they overturned it!!!"


Apart from calling Lynch an idiot for missing, you captured my rollercoaster of emotions just as well.


Go on r/RichmondFC and find out


I'm not into S&M mate.


Brilliant idea actually, not enough salt from all the balanced types on here




The only people salty about it I’ve seen are Dimma and the media


I’m not. As much as I’d like it to be a goal, it was Lynch and the team’s reaction to it that sealed the deal that it wasn’t a goal. It’s interesting to think if they would have made a different call if Richmond was celebrating.


I'm a bit salty that it gave me hope, then tore that hope away and trampled it. But, yeah it was the right call.


Yeah I'm with you mate. I mean the result is one thing but there were far worse decisions through the game. More to the point, it's a very good example of the nonsense media is spewing to generate clicks.


I think the weak-as-piss punch straight into Daniher's legs in our goal square a minute later was far more damaging than this was. Lynch also didn't make the most of what was a golden opportunity, it didn't need to be this controversial. If you want an example of a refereeing/umpiring decision directly costing a game, look at the Cowboys-Tigers game in the NRL this year. This was not one of those. We weren't good enough, I think this decision was wrong but the loss can't be blamed on it. Edit, word


Every Richmond supporter I've talked to said they couldn't overturn it because it's not conclusive, but like the image shows there definitely is conclusive evidence.


Have ball tracking like in the cricket. Put a chip in the ball for tracking.


The chip idea might be feasible but I don't think chips are used for ball tracking in cricket.


I don't think they're used in cricket, I guess they can track the ball a lot easier and use a formula, I dunno. The chips are used in other sports though.


I definitely agree that chips could and should be used. It could also help with a whole range of things.


Chip probably breaks everytime a Daniel Rich or a Shannon Hurn kicks the ball though.


Haha, probably. My idea would be, and I really don't know if this is doable, would be to somehow suspend it in the middle of the ball. Honestly though, I think ARC got it right and it's not that big of an issue.


High speed cameras are used in cricket with much better zoom because they know roughly where the ball will be.


Wouldn't work. A football is not exactly round, and all of the ball needs to cross all of the line for it to be deemed to have crossed. Where do you stick the sensor?


It's all sensors


obviously you impregnate the entire skin with a ferro-magnetic substance and have it perturb a weak magnetic field being generated by the posts. failing that, geostationary satellites positioned above every goal post with a laser shot directly out the post, sensors on the satellite detect interruption to the beam.


Was kind of a throw away comment, but then I seen Eddie is looking into the tech lol


I think the AFL mentioned that this is coming. Its already in the NFL and EPL.


Eddie is on to it lol


What timing haha


I support the triangulation theory, but triangulation is better when the three points aren't separated by 40 degrees at most, and they aren't blurry zoomed in parts of a much greater whole. Where's our maths elite when you need them?


All I need to know is that the person with the best angle was Tom Lynch. The person who wanted it to be a goal the most was Tom Lynch. To his eye it was obviously a point. It was a natural, disappointed reaction.


Isn't the person with he best angle the goal umpire who was directly underneath it?


Goal umpire couldn't move across and get under it fast enough, and that's why he called for a review. Not even an Olympic sprinter could of got under the goal post in that time as Lynch was only 10-15 meters out.


Correct. Impossible job. He made a call and got it wrong.


I mean thats not true. You can see he is behind the goal post when the ball is right above him. He was 10-15 m out but when its kicked up so high it hangs a fair bit longer than if it was kicked directly at him.


Behind the post, but on the move, on an angle and watching a spinning ball flash by. He got it wrong and I don’t blame him.


The umpire starts on the same line as the kicker for a set shot, he has a better version of Lynch's angle, if anyone is trust Lynch's reaction they should be trusting the goal umpire more tbh


NO. In NRL that would be the case because there is a ref at each post calling which side it’s on. We make the goal umpire cover both posts so he/she is on the move. If I could place a camera for this I’d put it on Lynch’s eyes. He knew instantly.


Considering how high it went, I think the most spot for this one would be where the goal post is, which is where the ump called it from.


I just watched the footage in case you were right that the goal umpire was standing under the post looking up. He was running to his right, leaning on an angle while looking up seeing the ball flash by. He got it wrong. Luckily it was corrected.


? Running to his right, leaning, ball flashing by? You mean being a goal umpire? What a bizarre way to describe it. That's literally their job and how they do it every time. The always move to get the right angle and the ball kinda always goes past them. Coz you know its moving.


YES, I mean being a goal umpire as defined by the job description they have. Lynch could have hit the other side of the ball and this conversation was about the near post. The GU needs to see it’s going that way, run that way and hopefully call it right. These are the hardest for the GUs. From 50 they get time to step to the relevant post, get set, look up and see it clearly. Just a quick clarification. Do you think the GU got it right?


They are the hardest and once again its their job. To make those. Why would I know if the ump got it right? I was just watching on TV. I disagree that the review was conclusive enough to overturn the call. It has to be beyond doubt to do that, and I think there is doubt. So I'm going back to whatever the ump decided as once again, thats their job to make those calls. But also theres a few dozen mistakes Richmond players made that I'm more annoyed about than that being overturned. Had plenty of chances to ice the game so leaving it up to ARC decision to decide it was on us. Just reaaaaly hope a team doesn't lose a flag over a shit review.


I think we actually agree with each other. On another thread, I said this was technically wrong. The umpire called it one way and the footage wasn’t obviously the opposite. Umpire decision stands. BUT - I think they actually got it right. Lynch knew it was a point, detailed multiple camera triangulation shows it would have hit an extended post. Technically wrong, but actually right.


Nah not when it goes right over the post. Players behind the ball get a far better view. Maybe if the ump has his eye right on the past instead of running past it.


This assumes the ball is travelling in a straight line (seen from above). Given a curved trajectory his perspective is no better than anyone else’s.


You see I think it’s the opposite. To understand the curved trajectory of a check side kick the best place to be is the point of release. He would have seen it start left (more left than he intended) and start coming back, but not enough. He is an experienced AFL forward. He has seen that kick 10,000 times. His instincts were spot on. He missed and the cameras confirmed he was right.


Send this to Dimma.


I'm a Richmond supporter, and it was definitely not a goal. Facts are facts. Lynch knew it too


Mature response. He didn’t shank the kick, but he knew he mis-hit it.


All goalposts should be moved to Tasmania with North Melbourne 😂.


Richmond lost, Australia is a better place for 12 months, Dimma just grow up and move on


Or kick a drop punt that goes in a straight line. He was 10 maybe 15 metres out ffs.


He was on an 75 degree angle, a drop punt is a very low percentage shot from there, the only other kick he could have done is a left foot snap.


He doesn’t have a left foot though.


That would be why he chose the checkside then, doesn't change the fact that the drop punt wasn't an option.


Don’t really understand how it wasn’t an option. Footy players have been kicking drop punts for 150 years. He was 10 metres out. You and I could have drop punted that for 6 points.


I don't mean literally not an option, it's just a super low percentage one. I'm not sure if you've watched it again but if you haven't go do that, the angle was super extreme and with him being a right footer it's made worse. There's not a single player in the AFL who's kicking a drop punt from and I don't know what you would do but I'm absolutely going the checkside from there if I'm taking that kick.


Lynch should've kicked better. Simples




Damn man, the people in the arc are geniuses they did this working out and diagram in the 5 seconds they looked at the replay


There’s no “working out” mate, they just have an understanding of basic physics. This diagram is for people that don’t.


It's also wrong, one of the angles show it's a little too the left of the goal


A little to the left would be a behind. I think you mean a little to the right, but that still doesn’t mean much - works the same as where the whole ball has to cross behind the post in a review. Just because the ball was off centre to the right doesn’t matter, in the camera angle the tip of the ball was still directly over the post. Don’t know why you lot are getting pissy at the arc, when you should be getting pissy at your million dollar a year forward that decided to kick a left foot banana on the goal line instead of a drop punt.


They’re getting pissy because they still don’t understand anything about geometry.


How do you know when the ball went over the line?


Because the camera angles line up. It’s like talking to a brick wall.


Which one shows it went over the line. Just show me that one


I upcoted you but only because I want to see this waste of time continue for all parties


You think they wouldn't be trained to look at this stuff?


They've fucked up before with a lot less. The umpires call is there for a reason


Have they? When?


I have no idea what this is showing. In all likelihood it wasn't a goal, but this isn't conclusive evidence to reverse the goal umpires decision. It was ultimately the correct result but Richmond was robbed.


If you had an idea what you were looking at then you’d realise it IS conclusive evidence…


You are correct. If the AFL could produce any graphics that made physical sense, then yes, we'd be able to see the conclusive evidence. But right now.... these teepees don't conclude jack without explaination


It's demonstrating triangulation.


Every player on the ground knew it was a point. They got to the right decision in the end, but the means was perhaps wrong. Would there be more backlash if it was called a goal?


This is basically the Austin Jones oob/point controversy all over again.


This is the Anthony Rocca in a final kicking a goal that was awarded a point controversy AND IT WAS AGAINST THE LIONS.


This graphic would be even better if the lines you drew were the width of the ball instead of a pixel thin line


Whats the conclusion?


Wish we had all this for Gawny's "non-goal" is last years gf.


I heard that McGuire said something about putting a microchip in the ball, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea


A ring of infra-red lasers on top of each post with a receiver either in the centre of the top of the post to get feedback or hanging off the top of the stadium would solve this and would do nicely for a year 9s students tech assignment


Geeze. This must happen nearly every single game to make people want to change the configuration of the ground




They have hawkeye in the Gaelic games that aren't even professional, what's the afls excuse?


fuck lasers make the goal posts flamethrowers


Can they not do something similar to tennis and use a tracker in the ball and posts?


Like a mate said to me yesterday, why can’t the AFL invest in high quality cameras like the ones in the NFL for example? This would clear up a lot of said cases where the result is debatable because of unclear imagery.