That wouldn’t fit his narrative though.


It's not just his narrative though, the point has been raised quite a few times over the last several years.


Last year was the first time a team with a very high quality ruck was the premier. Not only that, I would argue that until the last two years, all other teams since 2013 had the lesser ruckman on the grand final day and won


Who are the other great ruckman on premiership teams in the last 20 years? Cox in 2006 with West Coast is the only one I can think of, off the top of my head


Jolly in 2010 was pretty good. But then you’d argue in 2011 he was on the losing side


I always forget Jolly played for Collingwood I just associate him with the Swans


Brad Ottens proved to be the missing link when he joined the Cats.


Brad Ottens is up there


Clark “I only play when finals are on” Keating. Matthew Primus was a gun too


2018 had lycett winning and he wasn’t that bad and was considered good. I know he’s still “lesser” than Grundy but he definitely wasn’t bad


That’s because the team with the lesser ruck had a better midfield. If you put Grundy or Naitanui on the Richmond team at their peak do you think they win more, less or the same?


True but teams can’t really afford the expensive ruck and have the high quality midfield. And it’s shown your better off having a serviceable ruck and better players elsewhere


I think it’s deeper than that. Geelong have had an elite midfield, defence and forward line for almost a decade but in many peoples opinion the lack of a quality ruck has stopped them from winning a premiership.


Not the first ever, but first for a long time.


It's almost like taps are worthless and most rucks can barely kick straight


He clearly hasn't watched a port game this year lol. We don't play a ruckman and it clearly shows


Yeah having someone who can atleast stem the influence is what counts. TDK for us has become better as the year has gone on but it is scary when a dominant opposition ruck gets going.


Meh he was one of the catalysts in the third quarter of the GF who helped shift the tide. Make of that what you will.


Like arguably to make it really count you still need that midfield engine room but it’s the ruck work that gets you started on those bursts from the centre


There's a difference between a good ruckman not being necessary to win a premiership and a good ruckman being useless/a bad investment. Gawn, Grundy and Naitanui have all been top 10/5 players over the last few years. They've all been very important to how they play. Why would a team not want that?


>Why would a team not want that? Opportunity cost.


Best forget Jackson and hold onto Lobb for when you let Darcy go then.


? Opportunity cost meaning it may not be worth grabbing Jackson doesn't mean we'd let Darcy go.


Right but I wasn't specifically talking about Jackson, I was talking about great rucks in general. So if Darcy maintains his trajectory and is one of the top 2/3 rucks in the league in ~5 years and rucks aren't worth top dollar then letting him go to use that money elsewhere must be the right move.


We're not paying first round draft picks to keep Darcy.


What a stupid straw man argument.


They haven't been that important. That's the thing


The Leigh Brown type role


His Ruck game is top notch but his forward needs work which will come. WIll be easier for him When Amiss/ Treacy is firing and its a bonus if Tabs is still there. If Darcy goes down Meek isnt good enough to be our number 1 ruckman as much as it hurts me to say.


I disagree meek is a good ruckman he’s just never had a good run at it due to Darcy being insanely good. Meek could walk into a few teams and get the top ruck spot tbh


come to west coast please 😍


Duffield scratching the barrels asshole with this one


The first paragraph shows what a dick Duffield is.


**BURNED:** Duffield **DESTROYS** Eagle with facts and logic.


Logic? Naitanui missed the grand final due to injury, for him to use that as it somehow verified his point is fucking moronic. The whole article is him cherry picking stats to try and back his opinion rather than looking at the whole picture.


It had been a very long time since a quality ruckman had a big influence on a grand final before last year. We've seen probably every other position prove vital time and time again since it was a ruck. Doesn't mean it can't happen, in 10 years maybe it's the position more critical than any other. But ignore history at your peril.


I don't think a great ruck is needed to win a flag, but I also think Jackson will be far more than just a ruckman. He looks like being a genuine match winner at his peak, the type that can turn a game in the space of 5 or 10 mins.


[How do they come up with ideas for these articles??](https://www.reddit.com/r/AFL/comments/w50fex/how_important_is_a_top_drawer_ruck_vs_a_merely/)


the side that gets the tap out doesnt always win the clearance, and the clearance is whats important.


Give Geelong or GWS a AA quality ruckman over the last 6 years and the sliding doors might tell a different story